Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

In Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 8, there is a businessman named Sulami, who is known as a salt trader in Aznick. It’s uncertain whether he recently arrived in Istanbul or not. He has no current business here.

It’s unknown if he has come or not. By the way, why are you asking about Sulami? It’s to settle an account. If there’s any information, I’ll let you know. It’s an honor to assist Barbados’ nephew. I said, that man knows nothing.

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When I was inquiring about Tozjizzada, he was consistently lying. When he responded, he seemed hesitant, trying to conceal something. Did he realize that he recognized the face of this man? What did you think?

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You’re like whiskey; I’ll know right away if you lie to me. Do you understand me too? However, the behavior of women is different from men. When a woman lies, she tends to touch her hair, her eyelids and eyebrows move, her eyes look downwards, or she fiddles with her necklace. What happened?

Do you understand yourself, or are you lying to me? Sorry, what a lie! If I have something to say, I would say it immediately because I’ve learned my lesson. Lies are exposed sooner or later, Valeria.

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Promise that you will always tell the truth, even if it hurts my feelings or makes me sad. You asked about Tozjizzada Sulami, right? His name is known; he’s involved in salt trading. Why are you looking for him? He ran away without paying his debts, and it seems he has a history of crimes. This morning, I asked the police, and my assistant checked the old records, but his name wasn’t found. Let’s see if he’s here or not. He settled his account yesterday and left.

Will you recognize the man? Many passengers come here, and all traders look similar. Remember, this is the same person Tatawali Jaffar was talking about.

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He extorts money by attacking shops and stabs with a knife. He has a police record, but people are afraid to complain, fearing for their lives. Where will this Tatawali Jaffar be? He was spotted around the ambassador area, but I’m not sure if he’s still there. I brought the Ambassador of the Honorable Emperor Batista from the Jنبرنdenberg Palace with Commander Thomas.

The ambassador received an urgent return order from the emperor. It appears that he lost the document proving him to be Sharkan’s ambassador.

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Wait here. What’s happening? Of course, I am; what’s the problem? Can you show your passport? Are you trying to accuse me of lying, soldier? No, sir, but… What’s your name? If I don’t let go right away, I’ll get in trouble, Alonzo! Amir alBahar alMaria issued final orders to search every vehicle entering the city. It’s your choice. Once I return to the palace, I’ll ask the emperor to have you spend the rest of your life as a prison defender, Alonzo! You can pass, sir! Well done, Alonzo!

Regarding Idon and the girl, as per my orders, Commander Thomas has come to take them to the Jنبرنdenberg Palace. That’s good. The important thing is to catch Barbaros. He’ll come to rescue his man, and then the execution trap will be waiting for him. No need to fear after avoiding this trouble. Intelligent men understand what’s being said.

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You’re a guest in this house, O heart! Be content with the host’s will, not your own. Follow the homeowner’s request, and don’t blame anyone. Your company is appreciated, but this is where our journey ends, brothers.

I’d love to stay here, but if doesn’t return, the sharks will get angry. If he asks about Moses, I sent him a letter, but it wasn’t accepted. Darwish, it seems that Moses is preoccupied. We have plenty of room, forgive me! What problem would there be?

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